3 Days to visit Tirana - Vlore - Jale - Llogara and back to Tirana

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Day 1:
Afternoon departure from Tirana to Vlora (2 hours drive). ¬e view of the city of Vlora from Qafa e Kociut hills may be called attractive. ¬e urban area, lying along or near the sea, a beautiful and protected bay, the peninsula and island marking the horizon and the hills to the North and Northeast of the city, give Vlora a great view. In a range of 50km, beginning from the city of Vlora, tourist o ers are complete: seas and mountains follow each other, a rich ora and fauna crowds the entire area, there are water reserves and a variety of micro climates throughout the territory. ¬This is all accompanied with an important cultural treasure as well as historic events. Nightlife in Vlora.

Day 2:
After breakfast, transfer to Dhermi via the coast. Leisure time in Dhermi. After lunch, departure to Jala (1 hour drive from Dhermi), which is perfect for scuba diving. ¬e Ionian Coast with its bays, sandy and rocky beaches, presents a coastal and underwater environment that is of great interest to the admirers of underwater experiences, both for swimming or diving. A few training instructions and afterwards time for diving. It is a beautiful experience as it enables you to get to know algae and sh, list the parts of the sea bottom, observe the colors at di fferent times of the day and in di fferent weather conditions. Overnight
in Jala.

Day 3:
Departure from Jala to Llogara through the Riviera, one of the most beautiful sights in Albania. Various tourists have referred to it as the “Albanian Pearl”. It
stretches along the foot of mountain range, which rises sharply from the sea at an altitude of 800-1800m above the sea level. Lunch in Llogara.
Departure to Tirana.

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