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Tourism Welcome to Luanda Travel Guide, extensive source of tourist information and travel services offer related to Luanda and Angola. Book cheap hotels, cheap flights and get car rental. We also offer Luanda travel guide books and maps and atlases. Please visit Angola travel guide for more travel and tourism iformation and attractions in the Angola.
Cultura Since achieving independence in 1975 from the Portuguese, Angola has been racked by infighting among its various political groups, which include the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), the National Front for the Liberation of Angola (FNLA) and the National Union for Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). A ceasefire between the government and the rebel factions has been in effect since 2002, when fighting largely stopped. Citizens have had to endure restriction of their movements, censorship, forced conscription into the armed forces, and rampant poverty and disease.
Sights Though Luanda is not the safest place to visit, it has a few sights worth seeing. It is advisable to seek sound local advice on security measures before visiting these sights and the country itself.
The Cidade Alta is situated in the oldest part of the capital that was occupied by the Portuguese and has some magnificently designed buildings. The building offers an excellent view of the waterfront.
The National Museum of Anthropology displays Angolan Crafts and historical information on Angola and Luanda.
The Museum of Escravatura is 20kms from the center of Luanda and is dedicated to the thousands of Angolan slaves who were taken to the Americas.
Illha de Luanda has some spectacular beaches lined with coconut palms but the water is cold and marine litter is very evident. Swimming is definitely out because the undertow is dangerous. Visit the Futungo Market, south of Luanda, for its Sunday sale of handicrafts. While there, you also have the opportunity to stake out at the beaches on Ilha do Mussolo. Surprisingly, these beaches are unlittered and geared for tourists with their restaurants and bars.

Luanda, Angola

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Luanda (, anksčiau Loanda) – miestas šiaurės vakarų Angoloje, prie Atlanto vandenyno, šalies sostinė ir didžiausias miestas, provincijos centras. 2, 78 mln. gyventojų (2007).

Tai pagrindinis šalies uostas ir pramonės centras. Komerciniai ir pramonės kvartalai išsidėstę aplink giliavandenį uostą, o vyriausybiniai ir gyvenamieji kvartalai – aukščiau. Pagrindinės eksporto prekės: nafta, kava, deimantai, geležies rūda, žuvies produktai. Čia perdirbama nafta, gaminamos transporto priemonės, išvystyta tekstilės ir maisto pramonė. Didelis oro uostas, geležinkelio mazgas (susisiekia su Dalatando geležies kasyklomis ir gausiu kava regionu apie Malanje).

1963 m. įkurtas Agostinjo Neto (Agostinho Neto) universitetas, yra Angolos pedagoginis ir socialinių mokslų institutas (įk. 1962 m.). Angolos muziejus įkurtas 1938 m. Mieste yra San Migelio (São Miguel) tvirtovė, įkurta XVII a.
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