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1. The Legendary Maiden Tower («Giz Galasy») – most mystery and magnificient ancient monument, the height of which is 29, 5 m. Its exact purpose and date of building are unknown.
2. The masterpiese of azerbaijanian architecture – The Shirvanshakhs’ Palace (XV century. ).
3. The Castle Walls and Shamakhy Gates (XII century).
4. The Bazaar Square (XVII century).
5. Caravansaries:
• Multani Caravanserai (XV c) took its name from some place in India the tradesmen of which usually stayed at this caravanserai;
• Bukhara Caravanserai (XIV c. ), the staying place preferred by the tradesmen from Central Asia;
• Gasym – Bay (XV c. ), now known as The Mugam Theatre, where you can enjoy the azeri traditional music;
• Khans Caravanserai (XV c).
You can taste the traditional cousine of Azerbaijan at theese caravanserais. . . .

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