Café Martinique

The Cove Atlantis, Paradise Island
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+1 242-363-3000

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Ronnell Armbrister (14.10.2017 19:07)
One the most romantic places on the island. My dad used to take my mom here all the time, and I couldn't wait to "grow up" and have someone take me here on a romantic night...

Well years later, they're still all the rave.... one of the best restaurants on the island by far
Go penguins fleury (12.10.2017 21:57)
I went here and they automatically make the milk they put in coffee warm so the coffee doesn't cool down. Most places just put in milk without warming it which cools your coffee down. This place warms it without you even asking and in my opinion that says a lot. They clearly put thought into what they do.
Jennifer Clarici (28.07.2017 22:22)
Had such an incredible time there for my birthday. Nathaniel made every moment special and was so attentive to us. We compared the other Atlantis establishments to Cafe Martinique and in terms of service nothing ever came close. Thank you for making our trip so memorable!!
Kay Serrah (15.06.2017 15:02)
I believe this restaurant is the best Nassau has to offer. The service is exceptional and the portions are large.
Nicole Harrison (10.03.2017 00:08)
Highly reccommended for a birthday or anniversary dinner. Truly a GREAT EXPERIENCE! Amazing service from Nat Curry and Rico Archer! Food was delectable! Loved the atmosphere.

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