Joy Ride Cafe

Nicolas Ortiz 14, Sucre
5 vertinimų
+591 4 6425544

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Ryan Shauers (23.10.2017 21:58)
Delicious panqueque relleno, 2-for-1 from 5 to 7pm
Sam Lombard (02.10.2017 01:42)
Good range of vegeterian food. Nice atmosphere. Can get very busy.
Gerben Steenbergen (01.10.2017 17:19)
Very nice and modern place with good meals and breakfast
Aaron Mitchell (13.08.2017 17:12)
Got breakfast here and my God am I glad I did! The pancakes were absolutely delicious (and that's without any syrup or butter).

I can tell they were that good because I normally dislike pancakes A LOT (I just had a weird craving for them).

The breakfast comes with a hot drink (you can upgrade for 3 bolivianos to a hot chocolate). The hot chocolate was easily the best hot chocolate I've had since being in Central and South America... Gorgeous.

It also comes with a juice that was delicious!

Really couldn't have asked for more, the breakfast was probably a little more expensive than some cheap cafes but it is worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!!
Matej Madacky (01.08.2017 20:04)
Overpriced for what you get. They completely butchered my Argentina steak. They call it the "super steak"... Definitely not even close to super. Also waited forever for our food... I don't know if that's common, but it was our experience and I doubt I'll be returning to try again.

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