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Prof H. Johnson Nenty (31.05.2017 11:46)
Dear Customer,

I am a contract staff in UB, at the end of my contract I am asked to send quotations for a round trip on my leave traveling to Nigeria for me and my family at the end of June, 2017.

Members of my family are:

Prof. H. Johnson Nenty
Mrs. Felicia Udo Nenty
Ms. Blessed Odon Nenty
Mr. Ndiana-Abasi Joel Nenty

The flight is from Gaborone, Botswana to Uyo, Nigeria

I will be grateful for your very prompt action on this.



H Johnson Nenty PhD (Prof.)
[a seed on God's chessboard]
Research & Evaluation Section
Room 220/003. Educational Foundations,
University of Botswana; Private Bag 00702 UB Gaborone,
BOTSWANA. Phone: +267-355-2445+267-355-2467 (office) +267-397-3451+267-397-3781 (home)
+267-712-71145+267-712-71894/73271567 (mobile)

You succeed only to the extent that you have contributed to the success and happiness of others.
anurak Siri (13.04.2016 15:52)
I would like hoday to canda for 1 week

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