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Town Wharf Flying Fish Cove With Storm Aproching Feb 2001
4WD Track Over Old Railway Line At South Point Feb 2001
View From Stacking Conveyor Over Phosphate Processing Plant Feb 2001
Lily Beach Feb 2001
View From Margaret Knoll Towards John D Point Feb 2001
View Towards Flying Fish Cove Feb 2001
Road From Christmas Island Resort To Lily Beach Feb 2001
view over Golf Course, from Lookout, May 2006
"pinnacle fields"; scars of phosphate mining, near Ryans Road, May 2006
view from Margaret Knoll
Cross if you dare
road to Greta Beach
Greta Beach, May 2006
looking NE from Powell's Hill
Looking South on the west coast
Dolly Beach
A Christmas Island welcome
"The Blowholes" 2009 on Christmas Island
View of the mined Shore Terrace from the Plateau on the southernside of the island
Chinese workers club in Silver Town
Parco nazionale
View From Silver City With Conveyor System In Background Feb 2001
Road Out To The Blowholes Feb 2001
View From Lookout Towards Kampong and Settlement
View Towards The Housing Flats From Round About Feb 2001
View Of Isabel Beach and Shiploader Feb 2001
View From Top Of Storage Silos Towards Shiploader Feb 2001
Tracks Tavern At Drumsite Feb 2001
The Blowholes Feb 2001
Smith Point Artillery Gun Feb 2001
Christmas Island Airport
ancient coral reefs became limestone
Golf Course entrance
road to Margaret Knoll
One of 42 refugee boats exploded by P. McGovern at Christmas Island
Christmas Island
Hosnie Springs Freshwater Mangroves
View looking up of boat ramp blasted through solid rock at Ethel Beach on East Coast of C.I. for use mostly in Monsoon Season: Built by P. McGovern
Importation of granite aggregate from Pulau Karimun in Indonesia by P. McGovern, old Governors residence and WW2 defence facilities in background. Labroy Shipping of Singapore took around eighteen days for the round trip.
Road closed for crab migration 2006
Christmas Island
Christmas Island
Golf Course Lookout
Flying Fish Cove
View of the stepped ridge line rising from the shore terrace
The beach in front of the resort

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