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Ethiopian insurance corporation.
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Ethiopian Insurance Corporation (EIC) was established in 1976 by proclamation No.68/1975. The Corporation came into existence by taking over all the assets and liabilities of the thirteen nationalized private insurance companies, with Birr 11 million (USD 1.29 million) paid up capital aiming the following objectives.

Engage in all classes of insurance business in Ethiopia;
Ensure the insurance services reach the broad mass of the people;

Subject to the provision of Article 18 of the Housing and Saving Bank establishment proclamation No. 60/1975, promote efficient utilization of both material and financial resources.

EIC was operating the business for about nineteen years under protected monopolistic system as state owned-sole insurer. After the demise of the Marxist regime in mid-1991 a fundamental change has taken place and there was a shift in political, economic and social orientation from totalitarianism to that of liberalism. Therefore, EIC was re-established as public enterprise under proclamation number 201/94 with Birr 61 million (USD 7.13 million) paid up capital.

Upon re-establishment of the Corporation in 1994 as state owned enterprise, the law covers the following new objectives to the Corporation:

Engage in the business of rendering insurance services;
Engage in any other related activities conducive to the attainment of its purposes.


EIC is administered by the board of management which reports to the Public Financial Enterprises Agency which is accountable to the Prime Minister's Office.
The Top Management Team comprises the Chief Executive Officer, plus five Deputy Chief Executive Officers respectively responsible for:-.
General insurance;
Long term insurance;
Resource management ;
Finance & investment; and
Business Development & Risk Management
and four Directorates.The senior management is supported by Six Directors of District A's and Eight Directors of District B's a net work of 46 local Branches plus One satellite offices all under the supervision of their respective Districts.

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