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Helping ordinary people raise extraordinary amounts for charity

Authentic Kilimanjaro are experts in arranging tailor-made climbs for a Charity Challenge. We have the experience to make your climb up Mt Kilimanjaro safe and enjoyable and can help you promote your climb so that you can raise extraordinary amounts of money for your charities, whether in the UK or overseas.

We guide Charity groups of all sizes, big or small it doesn’t matter, but all with the same goal of reaching Uhuru Peak, the summit of Kilimanjaro, to raise money for worthy causes. Not only will you Challenge yourself and raise money for a special cause, but you will get fit and have a fantastic experience in the process.

Whether you are a Charity looking at putting on your own exclusive fundraising event, a group working together for a favorite Charity or even an individual looking to help their chosen Charity while experiencing the incredible Challenge of climbing Kilimanjaro we can help.

Where we are different is that MORE OF THE MONEY YOU RAISE GOES TO YOUR Charity. While many participants look to join a Kilimanjaro Challenge climb organized by one of the many “Charity Challenge” type companies that have appeared over recent years these are often not the best way to maximize the amount your Charity receives from all your hard fundraising efforts. Most of these companies are actually charging a premium price for the Kilimanjaro trek they provide but because of the way they market their climbs it is very difficult to see who is getting what.

Our pricing for all Mount Kilimanjaro climbs is 100% transparent: you know exactly how much you have to raise to cover the cost of the climb and everything else goes to your Charity. Also our prices for all Kilimanjaro climbs are pretty much inclusive of everything you might want except items of a personal nature. No hidden extras just honest straight-forward pricing.

We can help with all aspects of planning your Charity climb from looking at the best time of year to climb Kilimanjaro to choosing the best route for your group. Our Kilimanjaro facts is an encyclopedia of everything you could possibly think about to make your Charity climb successful. All the members of your group can look up this information and make sure they know everything they want to about the Challenge they are taking on.

And of course we are on hand to answer any other queries you or they may have. In terms of promotion we have an expert PR and media team who can help you with press releases and we can also arrange a full range of promotional products from team shirts for your Kilimanjaro climb to our Information Pack which contains loads of practical advice on how to raise funds.

We work both directly with charities who are organizing climbs and with individuals who are arranging their own individual Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge. Whichever option you choose, you can decide to pay all or part of the cost yourself and then everything else goes to the charity

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