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Tourism The ecstatic natural beauty of Togo and the picturesque beaches have provided a great revenue support to the Togo Tourism Industry, especially after the disturbances in the early 1990. The dismantled financial condition after the disturbances had cut down the development of the Tourism of Togo. A perfect Togo Tour includes flight bookings, hotel bookings and car rentals. Booking a travel guide to Togo is next important step in Togo Tourism. Some of the best hotels for a Togo Vacation are:
Mercure Sarakawa Azur Hotel
Corinthia Hotel 2 Fevrier
Hotel de la Paix
Hotel Ahodikpe Eboma
Ibis Lome Centre
Avenida Hotel
Hotel du Golfe
Miramar Hotel
Palm Beach Hotel
Hotel le Benin
Cultura Togo culture has been influenced by the country's historical periods that have shaped the various aspects of its culture. Right from the people to races and religions to languages, Togo culture is as unique as possible. A tourist would get thrilled by the varied elements of Togo culture. Togo People The diversity of Togo culture can be accounted by the fact that various tribes such as the Guin and Mina from Ghana and the Ewe from Benin and Nigeria, had settled along the coastal regions of Togo. The religions practiced by the Togo people are Christianity, various indigenous beliefs and Islam. The official language of the Togolese people is French, while the other local languages has constitute Togo culture are Mina, Ewe, Kabye Dagomba and many other dialects. Togo Festival Togo culture is highlighted by its prominent festivals, out of which Evala is the traditional fighting festival that last for 10 days at a stretch. The very ablest of sportsmen enter the arena to engage in a battle of the best. Such is its importance that even the President of Togo watches its proceedings. This festival is celebrated with a lot of pomp and joy by the native people and it showcases the ancestry of Togo culture.
Shopping Shopping in Togo offers visitors with unique opportunities of buying the country’s handicrafts and getting a glimpse of the social life of the country. Togo is an important country in the African Continent. The country has rich culture and traditions. The arts and crafts in the country is enriched by western influence in its past. Various items out from the local handicrafts industry are best things to but while going for Shopping in Togo.
Reading the Togo history will clearly indicate the influence of western rules, which has also influenced its art and crafts. The country’s major population is a believer of animism and still practices many ancient art. All these items displaying the faces of the culture of Togo are available for shopping in Togo.
Life style Togo lifestyle is an interesting conglomeration of varied facets of the Togolese people that blends African as well as French mannerisms. The people of this African land are known for the Togo lifestyle that characterizes their exotic living patterns. The majority of the population of Togo is present in the village, hence more of a rural Togo lifestyle is evident there. However the Togo lifestyle in the metropolitan cities is quite diverse, with its vibrant streets, illuminated areas, pulsating nightlife and lip smacking food. The people are more modern and many speak French, which is the country's official language.

Lomė, Togas

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Lomė – Togo sostinė. Miestas išsidėstęs Gvinėjos įlankos pakrantėje, svarbus uostas, eksportuojantis kavą, kakavą, koprą. Yra Benino universitetas, Togo nacionalinis muziejus, nacionalinė biblioteka, Lomė katedra, pagrindinis šalies oro uostas.

Šalia Lomės yra Kodžoviakopės, Njekonakopės, Amutivės, Tokoino ir Bė miestai.
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