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Allison Manning (15.11.2017 20:32)
I had the Best experience here! Even though I'm not able to move till spring, I met one of the agents and talked though options and she put me on a follow up list! Cant wait to see what gorgeous apartments Lykens will have in the spring!
Sara Vrabel (21.10.2017 00:13)
I've lived in my apartment in the Short North since June and Lykens advertised my building as having laundry. The washer has been broken since June (its now October) and I've called multiple times, written multiple maintence requests and it is still broken. Every time I call Lykens with an issue, they turn the situation back around on me to make it seem like it is my fault. "Did you overload the washer?" "Oh, we just replaced the washer a month ago." My boyfriend and I have had multiple conversations with multiple people about what the issue with the washer is, and they refuse to fix it. I've filed other maintence requests and waited at my residence during the time they were supposed to be here (over a 3 hour period) and no one showed up.

The people that work at Lykens are rude and incompetent and it is clear that they do not have their residents' comfort as a priority. My residence was dirty and many things were left broken as I moved in and the agent I was working with simply "didn't notice" these things when she checked our apartment before move in. Actually, our lease started on the 5th and we scheduled move in on the 11th, but ended up being able to move sooner and when we went to pick up the keys between those two dates, our apartment "wasn't ready." And yet I was paying rent already? I would never recommend Lykens to any person, they rip you off and are rude when you have an issue.
Libby Wilmer (25.09.2017 21:36)
Worst leasing experience of my life. Over priced for the terribly constructed apartments. They have never been helpful with any maintenance needed in my place. Started scheduling tours and marketing photos to be done before I had to notify about resigning my lease. Heating and cooling both constantly breaking. Many frustrating experiences with their payment systems. There is also no communication between employees there. I would have something resolved with one employee only to get an email from another saying something different. The list goes on and on as to my frustrations with this company. DO NOT LEASE WITH THEM.
Colleen Hartel (12.09.2017 17:22)
The maintenance guys are great, friendly, and very responsive, five stars for them!! I will miss them.

The office staff and overall management leaves a lot to be desired but I'm glad their leasing agents finally learned how to use capital letters in emails. In two years of living with Lykens, I never was able to reach an actual human on the phone during normal operating hours. Messages will not yield a call back, emails were variable. A visit to their office in person also had mixed results and was often empty.

They also attempted to change the terms of my lease after it had been signed for my second year, which I pushed back on and was resolved after I consulted a legal authority, so that was not super pleasant. Since writing my initial review, another tenant has described this issue that all tenants experienced in more detail. When I pointed out what my lease said, Lykens' response was to attempt to coerce me into signing a new lease with different terms. No way. Lykens later said they would make an "exception" for me to continue following the terms of he lease we both agreed to. A tenant expecting their landlord to follow the very clear and mutually agreed upon terms should never be considered an "exception!"

Parking availability was an ongoing issue and not enforced. Calls and emails to Lykens on this topic went unanswered. My unit was and probably still is in desperate need of a paint job. Glad to have found a larger, cheaper, nicer place with a more attentive management company.
Nick Seguin (11.09.2017 01:17)
Do not rent from Lykens. They are not tenant-friendly, take advantage of renters, breach their lease terms, and charged all of their tenants more in rent than their leases stated.

Lykens is a prime example of a bad landlord and management company taking advantage of a hot market. They are not tenant-friendly, do not respect tenant rights, and demonstrate nefarious behavior.

The staff are generally unhelpful and not knowledgable about basic issues. Email communication is slow.

The building was shoddy - walls/floors/ceilings paper thin. This is a common trait across their properties and can be corroborated by reading other reviews.

Seriously concerning issues:

1) Lykens staff entered my unit without notification. This is clear breach of lease terms. I have read other reviews indicating this is relatively common practice. This is an example of their lack of respect for tenants and disregard for their rights, beyond being a legal issue.

2) Lykens charged me, and all of their tenants, more in rent than we agreed to in our leases beginning September 1, 2016. Lykens changed the method by which renters could pay rent in the middle of many lease-terms. Previously renters could pay by dropping off a check, or by an electronic payment (the renter was responsible for the transaction fee). Suddenly, Lykens alerted tenants that payments would only be accepted via credit card or ACH. Checks no longer accepted. I inquired as to whether Lykens would be assuming the cost of the transaction fee for either or both methods. I personally welcomed the opportunity to pay electronically and automatically, but opted for check as I could walk to the office in 90 seconds from my door to pay without incurring a fee. I was told that the tenant would be responsible for the transaction fee each month. When I asked how this was possible - to be in the middle of a lease, and be told that in order to pay your rent you would need to pay an extra fee that was not agreed to in the terms — effectively increasing my rent - I was told this was because their company was growing and they needed to do it. The issue was ignored.

Consider how much money Lykens saved by pushing these expenses to 100s (1000s?) of tenants each month! Had this been in our lease, I would understand. It was not. The right thing to do would have been to wait until leases renewed and changed the language. This is a prime example of Lykens skirting both good practice as well as contract law and avoiding the cost of doing business.

In many ways Lykens is a typical bad actor in the property leasing/management market. In other ways their behavior is questionable from a legal standpoint and takes advantage of renters.

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