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daniel g (01.02.2016 19:38)
I've been using Mary O'Malley as my travel agent for approximately 20 years. She has helped me plan out many adventures in a lot of different countries. She is knowledgeable, kind, professional. What I like most of all is that she takes the time to research every detail about the journey and destination and is proactive in solving any potential problems that may arise. Horizon Travel Agency is the only travel agency I use and recommend to others. I look forward to planning the next 20 years worth of vacations with her.
J T (24.01.2016 17:54)
Mary d'not know If my flight will accept my bike? wrong name on ticket!...now I need to waitonday 8:45 in the cool to change kids name. Is this the reason u did'nt have aworking printer? No le compren a esatas personas te joden los nombres del boleto si eres latino! Ojo! Arlines will charge me four "bike fees" Roundtrip. Is that why u"did know". Ur a ripoff!
Ben Clayton (13.05.2013 07:10)
Great people, friendly,caring and willing to go the extra step on planning a trip to make sure you get the best deal and what you want out of the trip
I've used them off and on for over 8 years. No complaints at all

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