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Karen Vergara (17.10.2017 17:14)
This company is the worst. I purchase a ticket online because there’s no bus station open in Naples. In the morning when the bus arrived to the bus stop they won’t let us Inside the bus apparently because “ you have to print out the ticket” are you kidding me? We’re in 2017. Everything’s through your smartphone or apps now. I had my confirmation number with my name on it and the rude guy won’t even let me talk. He just refused to let me ride the bus and on top of that they wouldn’t refund the ticket!
Henry Henne (20.09.2017 18:47)
Worst pocibility to travel. Bus comes only sometimes. We called Greyhount and they told us that they dont know when the Bus is coming. And tracking the Bus was also not possible. But they told us that it is normal. Bus tracking works only sometimes. At Bus stop waited a Taxi driver all the 3 hours we waited there. He said: "he only drives the same line as the Greyhound does. Nearly each day is one or more Buses not coming." Thats enough for him.
So all in all I will never book Greyhound again. Better take a different Bus company.
Also the Taxi driver told us that it is better to pay some dollars more for another bus service.
One Star is to much.
Dana Harenza (13.02.2017 23:23)
Bus left Ft. Lauderrdale on time and arrived at destination on time. Price was very fair as driving would cost me more in gas. Service was good. Couldn't ask for anything more.
mike morrow (28.01.2017 16:39)
Today my daughter arrived at the station to find that the station was CLOSED until further notice. We had purchased a ticket online and usually print the ticket at the station with the reservation number provided at booking. With the station closed we were not able to do this and the bus driver arrived with instructions to accept 50.00 from each passenger that did not have a ticket in hand and held my daughters ID to boot. Now they have 74.00 (the 24.00 we paid online and the 50.00 we had to give the driver) of our money and my daughters ID. This is all because, when booking the ticket Greyhound failed to notify us that the station would be closed. If we had known, then we would have printed the ticket at home.. What's the point of taking a contact number or having a website if they don't update it or use the imforamtion to contact riders of these important facts. GET IT TOGETHER GREYHOUND...THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS!!
Ronin Dog (26.01.2017 18:28)
The guy there will not answer the phone!! I called for 2 days straight during the couple of hours they were spose to be open and got NO answer. He showed up 2 min befor the bus got there. And it was spose to open a hour before that. Greyhound is pathetic. With the worst customer service ever! I posted this review months ago. New review................1-26-17 there is a sigh in the door that said it is permanently closed! I had the unfortunate problem of trying to get my ticket there. NOTHING ON THE WEBSITE ABOUT NOT CONDUCTING BUSINESS. The other stations had no clue that they were closed!! GREYHOUND IS useless!! Do not go there expecting to by a ticket!! You can't!!!

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