AAA Montclair

2220 Mountain Boulevard #120, Oakland
5 vertinimų
+1 510-531-6298

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Dustin Braun (10.11.2017 19:06)
The rep I dealt with was completely incompetent. He failed to properly renew my membership so that my wife was included. I only find this out when she was stuck in the dark on the side of the highway. Avoid this particular AAA location.
Shannon Lantzer (18.10.2017 08:15)
Staff is friendly, competent, and expedient. They have free coffee and drinks. The place is new and clean.
M M (10.10.2017 23:18)
So nice to have one in alameda (in my lifetime). these people are all over it, helping right at the door and keeping things moving. Free hot fresh Keurig coffee Machine with all the fixin's. Got me in and out in 10 minutes!
Jesse Short (15.07.2017 01:08)
Went to the new Alameda branch office to see about changing my homeowners insurance to AAA where I have my auto insurance since 1987. Jarrett Washington was my agent, and he was extremely knowledgable and pleasant. He crunched numbers and gave me a better homeowners policy than I had, and saved me money doing it! All in all it was a great experience. Highly recommend Jarrett for all your insurance needs! Edgar J. Short
Robert David (06.07.2017 23:35)
I had a complicated situation with a classic sports car that included out of state title, hard to find Vin numbers etc.. DMV would have send me to the back of the line for hours but thanks to a gentleman by the name of Ken I had everything sorted out in 15 minutes. The woman that initially tried to help me out kept complaining that it was almost her lunch time so I said "go to lunch please". It was clear she had no idea what she was doing and couldn't care less. Ken said "yeah go to lunch" and finished the paperwork no problem. That's worth five stars. RD

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