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Mike Nuckols (20.04.2017 02:06)
Stefanie goes above and beyond for her customers. She has planned several trips for us: Fiji, Cancun, Italy and most recently, Hawaii. She is quick to respond to emails and is very knowledgeable regarding your destination. We have never been disappointed! Can't wait for her to plan our next adventure!!
Trevor Bridgewater (10.04.2017 15:24)
When it comes to travel, Stefanie (owner of AAV Travel) is the best to get you where you want to go in the world. Not only is she is great to work with, she is very knowledgeable about the world and all the amazing places there are too see in it. She has helped opened my eyes too a new life of travel! Thank you AAV Travel!
Ailirimaer Jessi92 (09.04.2017 18:13)
Returning customer who won't be returning again. Five years ago, this would have been a 5-star review. I had previously used AAV Travel & Romance for an Italian vacation that was pure perfection, so I returned as a customer to book my most recent Italian vacation. I utilized Stefanie for trip planning dates, flights, accommodations & a tour. I gave specific, detailed instructions for flights due to special accommodations for my husband (who is very tall & has severe travel anxiety due to PTSD) & was told that our flights were "some of the best airlines connecting from here to Europe and some [of] the best airports as well." Our flights were subjected to multiple major changes. At one point I was told we would be on an airline I told her to avoid due to my husband's PTSD, but it appears we were never on that airline, we were on United (which is also not one of the best airlines). When we were given 40 minutes between connecting times, she told me that "airports have really improved passenger flow" and it was "not a busy season in terms of travel."

The flights to & from Europe wound up being a total disaster. The Air Canada flight from Indy to Toronto was delayed several hours. We discovered that Air Canada doesn't have any employees or an actual gate at IND, but used untrained United Airlines employees & the United Airlines gates. Also, there are not daily flights to Rome or other flights providing connecting to Rome, so if we missed our connecting, we'd either be stuck in Canada for a couple of days, or be ping-ponged around the world on various available connections. Thankfully, we were able to make our original connecting, but our luggage didn't, so we had the extreme expense of buying clothing & person hygiene items. Additionally, this all triggered my husband's PTSD & it took him 2 days to be functional & he suffered more anxiety than normal the remainder of our trip. Returning, we discovered that Stefanie had provided us with the incorrect travel itinerary, resulting in confusion at the airport. Also, 40 minutes was definitely not enough as we were warned that the customs process in Germany was lengthy & to expect it to take a while under normal circumstances, but that it was also an extremely busy travel time due to Holy Week. We were lucky that many travelers & the German customs agents were very nice to get us through as quickly as possible. However, we still had to literally run to the gate, which resulted in me injuring my hip, being in tremendous pain, & being unable to walk, requiring wheelchair assistance & being put at risk of vascular injury because I was unable to move about during a 9-hour trans-Atlantic flight.

Upon being informed of our delays, Stefanie said she would track the travel & update our driver/hotel accordingly. This apparently did not take place because our driver arrived at our original arrival time, not the delayed arrival time & we had to beg (& pay) him to not leave us at the airport.

The hotels booked for us were very nice hotels, but they were in very bad areas and we did not feel entirely comfortable or safe while commuting on foot. Additionally, there was a major marathon in Rome while we were there that made it impossible to get to parts of the City, resulting in us not being able to access places we wanted to visit & things we wanted to do.

I feel Stefanie used extremely poor judgment in the booking of flights, especially booking us on an airline that doesn't effectively operate out of our home airport nor have readily available flights to our destination in the event of a delay. I also feel that her advice as far as how busy our travel dates were & the transfer times were poor (& wrong). We were never advised about the marathon in Rome or Holy Week & the effect they might have on our travels. We were also never told about the type of neighborhoods our hotels would be in. Her poor judgment & advice resulted in severe stress & practically ruined our entire vacation.
Sarah Summers (16.02.2016 21:17)
Stefanie is wonderful to work with. We had to switch our travel plans last minute, and Stefanie--even though she was just back from a trip herself--worked with me all day to make sure our new plans were perfect. She's very prompt on email and has great ideas, and I would highly recommend her!
Josh Morgan (06.07.2015 20:50)
Great Place to find your honeymoon. Stefanie has a lot of knowledge and goes by your needs. She is very quick at responding to emails. She also searches these resorts by what your personality closely resembles. My wife and I loved how she answered all of our questions and was quick to response. Thank You for our trip. We will book will you in the future.

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