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25 Mountain Street East, Worcester
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Bernie Lempicki (09.11.2017 20:11)
I am retired and, yes, it does have some advantages. The staff at AAA are always friendly and helpful. Being able to walk into a business during the weekday hours and finish within a few minutes is a pleasure, keep up the good work, and keep on smiling.
James Julian (08.10.2017 00:52)
This is for the driving school in Worcester, MA (they do not have an individual page for the driving school) . I have recently just finished all my driving lessons and I am currently waiting for my road test. So 1st, the classroom session, people I see are complaining about how its boring and just busy work, what do you expect? its not going to be fun you are there to learn what you will need to know for your road test and lessons. I Did the week class Mon-Fri 9-3:30(Only available in summer or vacation weeks) yes it was boring but I did learn some new things. I had Mr McCallion for that, chill and easy guy. Booking my lessons and observations were easy (accept they only have 1 instructor for this location so if you do not choose your lessons fast enough you could be waiting a month or two). At the same time though if you just get them out of the way and book them all right away you could be done in less than a month for observations and the lessons(that is how long it took me). I had Mr Ciociolo for all 6 road lessons (2 hours each) and he is the best teacher you could ask for. All my nerves were gone after the first lesson , He is chill, never yells and just makes the overall experience fun and easy. Also most of the time you can pick what you want to do, so find your weaknesses, tell him and he'll make sure to help you.
Ravi Sarma (28.07.2017 20:43)
I got my driving license renewed here. There were two others before me but the whole procedure took less than ten minutes. The staff were very courteous and professional. Couldn't have asked for more!
Christine Church (13.07.2017 17:47)
Very satisfied with the travel arrangements made for us by Penny. Staff is very nice and accommodating.
Douglas Camelio (05.07.2017 21:52)
I was able to take care of things quickly and was very satisfied with the results. what really made it a pleasurable experience was the representative, It was his first week and he was still training. I work in customer service and I believe the most important thing is making the customer feel comfortable and he did a great job of it, it felt like talking to a friend.

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