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Kurt Kruep (12.10.2017 01:45)
Our church group went on a pilgrimage throughout Italy. It turned out to be the trip of a lifetime in large part to our tour guide Eleonora and bus driver Domenico. Would I do it again. Heck yes.
If you are blessed to get the same tour guide you surely will not be disappointed. She has a strong command of the English language and knows her business. I was amazed anyone could retain and recite the enormous volume of facts based on the history of the many many places we visited.
Thank you Proximo Travel for hiring the best of the best.
Jackie Mwangi (27.06.2017 23:32)
John Ziolkowski (26.07.2016 00:08)
My wife and I took a 2 week tour of Israel and Italy. The guides in Israel and Italy were the greatest. I don't know how they were able to keep us in line. Proximo is the best. Looking forward to going again in a heart beat.

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